🐇 Mid-Autumn Festival – Mooncake and Wine Pairing

🐇 Mid-Autumn Festival – Mooncake and Wine Pairing

Traditional Mooncake with Lotus Seed and salty egg yolk

For sure this is the most popular mooncake version among Cantonese.
You could go with a classic bottle fermentation (traditionelle Flaschengärung) Karl May Pinot Brut 2018 vintage to pair up with the mooncake classic. The acidity will go well with the richness of the lotus paste and the salty egg yolk.
呢款最受香港人歡迎嘅月餅,你可以揀一支經典嘅Karl May Pinot Brut 2018嚟搭配呢款經典月餅。葡萄酒嘅酸度可以與蓮蓉同鹹蛋黃嘅豐富味道相搭配。

Snow Skin Mooncake 冰皮月餅

This style is becoming more popular among the younger folks. This mooncake is rather light and served chilled. So we found the best pairing wine is either with our Albino Armani Moscato Spumante NV with the fruity floral bouquet and slightly sweet fresh mineral finish or our Trenz Johannisberger Hoelle Riesling Spatlese (late harvest) with the flavors of Mango and Honey a perfect match.
呢款月餅越來越受年輕人歡迎。冰皮月餅比較輕盈,通常係凍嘅狀態食用。所以我地揀咗Albino Armani Moscato Spumante NV呢支酒,佢嘅果香花香同微甜嘅清新礦物質尾韻,同冰皮月餅非常搭配。另外,我地亦揀左Trenz Johannisberger Hoelle Riesling Spatlese(遲摘型),佢帶有芒果同蜜糖味道,亦係一個完美嘅組合。

Egg Custard Mooncake 奶黃月餅

These little treats are often made by many 5 Stars hotels these days and are fluffy and taste even better if you heat it up slightly in the oven.
This mooncake is not too sweet and our wine of choice is our Oliver Zeter Trockenbeeren Auslese (TBA), a tropical dream of sweet wine. This is the highest level of noble sweet wine in Germany.
呢款月餅唔算太甜,所以我地會推薦我地嘅Oliver Zeter Trockenbeeren Auslese(TBA),佢係一支甜美如夢嘅熱帶水果味甜酒,係德國最高級嘅甜酒。

Ice Cream Mooncake 雪糕月餅

The pairing with ice cream mooncakes really depends on the ice cream flavour itself.
Our choices:

Vanilla flavours – our Karl May Riesling Auslese with the fruity flavours of Acacia honey is a match made in heaven.
香草味 – 我地嘅Karl May Riesling Auslese味道帶有蜂蜜果香,係同香草味係絕配。

Strawberry flavours – with our off dry Karl May Rosé it is just like Barbie and Ken – the pink dream couple
士多啤梨味 – 搭配我地半乾型嘅Karl May Rosé,就好似Barbie同Ken一樣,粉紅夢幻組合。

Chocolate flavours – a rich dark fruit red wine like our Masseria Pietrosa Primitivo Di Manduria complement each other perfectly
朱古力味 – 好似我地嘅Masseria Pietrosa Primitivo Di Manduria,一支濃郁嘅黑色水果紅酒,,兩者相輔相成。

Coffee flavours – goes well with a robust wine like our Serafino Black Label Cabernet Sauvignon with outstanding black fruits and smokey flavours
咖啡味 – 最適合揀一支醇厚嘅酒,好似我哋嘅Serafino Black Label Cabernet Sauvignon。佢有濃郁嘅黑色水果同埋煙燻味,同咖啡味道非常夾。

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