La Tordera – Natural Balance from the Heart of Prosecco

La Tordera – Natural Balance from the Heart of Prosecco

The La Tordera Estate was born in the hills of Valdobbiadene, an area between the lagoon of Venice and the mighty Dolomite mountains.  This is the heart and the place of birth of Prosecco and everything else is just an imitation. Innovation and progress notwithstanding, La Tordera remains drawn to the earth and its traditions. They challenge themselves daily to run our business in the greenest and most environmentally harmonious way possible as a way to honour the legacies given to them by their forefathers and with respect towards the future generations.

The driving philosophy of the winery is to achieve “Natural Balance”. They believe this starts with a dedication towards sustainable agriculture that respects the environment, the local economy and the social traditions of our region.  As applied to the winemaking process, the goal of “Natural Balance” is to make a Prosecco that is clean, healthy and easy to drink and whose values are rooted in the earth and with respect to the rhythms and flavours of nature. The grape used for Prosecco is Glera which origins from Slovenia and was first introduced to Italy centuries ago.

The vineyards of La Tordera are located within 15 km of the winery and are harvested exclusively by hand in order to maintain the integrity of the grapes. This geographic positioning allows them to move the grapes quickly and frequently from the vineyards to the winery, thus allowing them to eliminate the need for pre-fermentation sulphite use, giving the wine a greater drinkability. In fact their Proseccos contain 30% less sulphites than regular Proseccos, making them clean and fresh.

The Chilled Wine Team is very happy to have found the La Tordera family and to have introduced their great Proseccos to Hong Kong in the last year. The Alné Millesimato Extra Dry DOC convinces with fruity aromas of apple and pear which makes it the ideal starter for any meal.

Offered at the same price point the Saomi Brut DOC is slightly drier than the Alné. It’s a well-balanced Prosecco which is particularly fresh and has its fruit exalted by a lively character. Its fine grain perlage and aromas of apple, Mediterranean herbs, vanilla and acacia make it ideal for any occasion.

The Serrai Superiore Extra Dry DOCG has a brilliant straw yellow colour, fine and persistent perlage and a slightly savoury taste which brings out a very elegant body and long fruity finish with flavours of Williams pear and green apple. No wonder thhe ‘Decanter’, Britain’s most famous wine magazine, awarded it with an outstanding 91 points.

Our ‘Diamonds are Forever’ edition, the Tittoni Millesimato Extra Dry DOCG is created from uniquely sweet and aromatic grapes that are harvested late in order to balance alcohol, sweetness and acidity. As a result you get a well-structured, fruity and slightly sweet Prosecco with intense aromas of golden apple, plum and herbal spices.

Last but not least, the brilliant orange and rose-coloured Gabry Rosé Extra Dry shows a  very fine and persistent perlage  and brings along your favourite aromas of strawberry and raspberry. Produced naturally, its harmoniously balanced and savoury character leaves you craving for more.